1480/1590nm WDM/Isolator/Tap Hybrid

Haphit provides fiber based passive components. The WDM/Isolator/Tap Hybrid is made by micro-optics package technology with fiber in and fiber out. It features Flat and Wide Spectrum, high Wavelength Isolation, high Signal Isolation and various Tap Ratio. The WDM/Isolator/Tap Hybrid will combine or split the signal light and pump light, while at the same time force the signal to transmit at single direction and tap the signal for monitoring purpose. Various wavelength range and fiber types are available, customized on wavelength range and consigned fiber type are also available on request.
Pass Channel Wavelength 1570-1610nm
Reflective Channel Wavelength 1450-1490nm
Signal/Pump Insertion Loss <=1.1dB (Single Stage), <=1.3dB (Dual Stage) /<=0.8dB
Signal Isolation >=28dB (Single Stage), >=45dB (Dual Stage)
Signal Tap Ratio 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%
Signal/Pump Wavelength Isolation >=25dB/>=12dB
Return Loss >=45dB
PDL <=0.2dB
Fiber Type (Common&Signal&Tap) SMF-28 Fiber or 10/130um DC Fiber
12/130um DC Fiber or 20/130um DC Fiber
25/250um DC Fiber or 25/300um DC Fiber
Fiber Type (Pump) Same Fiber or SMF-28 Fiber
Max. Optical Power (CW) 300mW
Operating Temperature 0~50degreeC
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