1480nm PM Tap/Isolator Hybrid

Haphit provides fiber based passive components. The Tap/Isolator Hybrid is made by micro-optics package technology with Polarization Maintaining (PM) fiber in and PM fiber out. It features Wide Spectrum, high Isolation, various Tap Ratio and high Extinction Ratio. The Tap/Isolator Hybrid will transmit the signal at single direction while at the same time tap a certain ratio portion of signal light for monitoring purpose. Various wavelength range and fiber types are available, customized on wavelength range and consigned fiber type are also available on request.
FPTI 1480nm 1450nm 1460nm 1470nm 1490nm 1500nm PM Tap/Isolator Hybrid Isolate abschaltung Aislador isolateur Isolador odizolowa? Iso HYB HYBR HY HB Splitter Tap Coupler coupleur dieses Acoplador PM1310 PM1550 LMA 8/125um 10/125um 10/130um 12/130um 20/125um 20/130um 25/250um 25/300um 30/250um PMSC Single Clad Cladding PMDC Double Clad 3-port Y Type Polarization Maintaining PM Extinction Ratio ER Panda FPTI 1480nm 1450nm 1460nm 1470nm 1490nm 1500nm PM Tap/Isolator Hybrid Isolate abschaltung Aislador isolateur Isolador odizolowa? Iso HYB HYBR HY HB Splitter Tap Coupler coupleur dieses Acoplador PM1310 PM1550 LMA 8/125um 10/125um 10/130um 12/130um 20/125um 20/130um 25/250um 25/300um 30/250um PMSC Single Clad Cladding PMDC Double Clad 3-port Y Type Polarization Maintaining PM Extinction Ratio ER Panda FPTI 1480nm 1450nm 1460nm 1470nm 1490nm 1500nm PM Tap/Isolator Hybrid Isolate abschaltung Aislador isolateur Isolador odizolowa? Iso HYB HYBR HY HB Splitter Tap Coupler coupleur dieses Acoplador PM1310 PM1550 LMA 8/125um 10/125um 10/130um 12/130um 20/125um 20/130um 25/250um 25/300um 30/250um PMSC Single Clad Cladding PMDC Double Clad 3-port Y Type Polarization Maintaining PM Extinction Ratio ER Panda SS001A SS01A SS02A SS03A SS04A SS05A SS06A SS07A SS08A SS09A SS10A SS11A SS12A SS13A SS14A SS15A SS16A SS17A SS18A SS19A SS20A SS21A SS22A SS23A SS24A SS25A SS26A SS27A SS28A SS29A SS30A SS31A SS32A SS33A SS34A SS35A SS36A SS37A SS38A SS39A SS40A SS41A SS42A SS43A SS44A SS45A SS46A SS47A SS48A SS49A SS50A SS51A SS52A SS53A SS54A SS55A SS56A SS57A SS58A SS59A SS60A SS61A SS62A SS63A SS64A SS65A SS66A SS67A SS68A SS69A SS70A SS71A SS72A SS73A SS74A SS75A SS76A SS77A SS78A SS79A SS80A SS81A SS82A SS83A SS84A SS85A SS86A SS87A SS88A SS89A SS90A SS91A SS92A SS93A SS94A SS95A SS96A SS97A SS98A SS99A SS0015 SS015 SS025 SS035 SS045 SS055 SS065 SS075 SS085 SS095 SS105 SS115 SS125 SS135 SS145 SS155 SS165 SS175 SS185 SS195 SS205 SS215 SS225 SS235 SS245 SS255 SS265 SS275 SS285 SS295 SS305 SS315 SS325 SS335 SS345 SS355 SS365 SS375 SS385 SS395 SS405 SS415 SS425 SS435 SS445 SS455 SS465 SS475 SS485 SS495 SS505 SS515 SS525 SS535 SS545 SS555 SS565 SS575 SS585 SS595 SS605 SS615 SS625 SS635 SS645 SS655 SS665 SS675 SS685 SS695 SS705 SS715 SS725 SS735 SS745 SS755 SS765 SS775 SS785 SS795 SS805 SS815 SS825 SS835 SS845 SS855 SS865 SS875 SS885 SS895 SS905 SS915 SS925 SS935 SS945 SS955 SS965 SS975 SS985 SS995 SS0016 SS016 SS026 SS036 SS046 SS056 SS066 SS076 SS086 SS096 SS106 SS116 SS126 SS136 SS146 SS156 SS166 SS176 SS186 SS196 SS206 SS216 SS226 SS236 SS246 SS256 SS266 SS276 SS286 SS296 SS306 SS316 SS326 SS336 SS346 SS356 SS366 SS376 SS386 SS396 SS406 SS416 SS426 SS436 SS446 SS456 SS466 SS476 SS486 SS496 SS506 SS516 SS526 SS536 SS546 SS556 SS566 SS576 SS586 SS596 SS606 SS616 SS626 SS636 SS646 SS656 SS666 SS676 SS686 SS696 SS706 SS716 SS726 SS736 SS746 SS756 SS766 SS776 SS786 SS796 SS806 SS816 SS826 SS836 SS846 SS856 SS866 SS876 SS886 SS896 SS906 SS916 SS926 SS936 SS946 SS956 SS966 SS976 SS986 SS996 SS001B SS01B SS02B SS03B SS04B SS05B SS06B SS07B SS08B SS09B SS10B SS11B SS12B SS13B SS14B SS15B SS16B SS17B SS18B SS19B SS20B SS21B SS22B SS23B SS24B SS25B SS26B SS27B SS28B SS29B SS30B SS31B SS32B SS33B SS34B SS35B SS36B SS37B SS38B SS39B SS40B SS41B SS42B SS43B SS44B SS45B SS46B SS47B SS48B SS49B SS50B SS51B SS52B SS53B SS54B SS55B SS56B SS57B SS58B SS59B SS60B SS61B SS62B SS63B SS64B SS65B SS66B SS67B SS68B SS69B SS70B SS71B SS72B SS73B SS74B SS75B SS76B SS77B SS78B SS79B SS80B SS81B SS82B SS83B SS84B SS85B SS86B SS87B SS88B SS89B SS90B SS91B SS92B SS93B SS94B SS95B SS96B SS97B SS98B SS99B SS001S SS01S SS02S SS03S SS04S SS05S SS06S SS07S SS08S SS09S SS10S SS11S SS12S SS13S SS14S SS15S SS16S SS17S SS18S SS19S SS20S SS21S SS22S SS23S SS24S SS25S SS26S SS27S SS28S SS29S SS30S SS31S SS32S SS33S SS34S SS35S SS36S SS37S SS38S SS39S SS40S SS41S SS42S SS43S SS44S SS45S SS46S SS47S SS48S SS49S SS50S SS51S SS52S SS53S SS54S SS55S SS56S SS57S SS58S SS59S SS60S SS61S SS62S SS63S SS64S SS65S SS66S SS67S SS68S SS69S SS70S SS71S SS72S SS73S SS74S SS75S SS76S SS77S SS78S SS79S SS80S SS81S SS82S SS83S SS84S SS85S SS86S SS87S SS88S SS89S SS90S SS91S SS92S SS93S SS94S SS95S SS96S SS97S SS98S SS99S SF001A SF01A SF02A SF03A SF04A SF05A SF06A SF07A SF08A SF09A SF10A SF11A SF12A SF13A SF14A SF15A SF16A SF17A SF18A SF19A SF20A SF21A SF22A SF23A SF24A SF25A SF26A SF27A SF28A SF29A SF30A SF31A SF32A SF33A SF34A SF35A SF36A SF37A SF38A SF39A SF40A SF41A SF42A SF43A SF44A SF45A SF46A SF47A SF48A SF49A SF50A SF51A SF52A SF53A SF54A SF55A SF56A SF57A SF58A SF59A SF60A SF61A SF62A SF63A SF64A SF65A SF66A SF67A SF68A SF69A SF70A SF71A SF72A SF73A SF74A SF75A SF76A SF77A SF78A SF79A SF80A SF81A SF82A SF83A SF84A SF85A SF86A SF87A SF88A SF89A SF90A SF91A SF92A SF93A SF94A SF95A SF96A SF97A SF98A SF99A SF0015 SF015 SF025 SF035 SF045 SF055 SF065 SF075 SF085 SF095 SF105 SF115 SF125 SF135 SF145 SF155 SF165 SF175 SF185 SF195 SF205 SF215 SF225 SF235 SF245 SF255 SF265 SF275 SF285 SF295 SF305 SF315 SF325 SF335 SF345 SF355 SF365 SF375 SF385 SF395 SF405 SF415 SF425 SF435 SF445 SF455 SF465 SF475 SF485 SF495 SF505 SF515 SF525 SF535 SF545 SF555 SF565 SF575 SF585 SF595 SF605 SF615 SF625 SF635 SF645 SF655 SF665 SF675 SF685 SF695 SF705 SF715 SF725 SF735 SF745 SF755 SF765 SF775 SF785 SF795 SF805 SF815 SF825 SF835 SF845 SF855 SF865 SF875 SF885 SF895 SF905 SF915 SF925 SF935 SF945 SF955 SF965 SF975 SF985 SF995 SF0016 SF016 SF026 SF036 SF046 SF056 SF066 SF076 SF086 SF096 SF106 SF116 SF126 SF136 SF146 SF156 SF166 SF176 SF186 SF196 SF206 SF216 SF226 SF236 SF246 SF256 SF266 SF276 SF286 SF296 SF306 SF316 SF326 SF336 SF346 SF356 SF366 SF376 SF386 SF396 SF406 SF416 SF426 SF436 SF446 SF456 SF466 SF476 SF486 SF496 SF506 SF516 SF526 SF536 SF546 SF556 SF566 SF576 SF586 SF596 SF606 SF616 SF626 SF636 SF646 SF656 SF666 SF676 SF686 SF696 SF706 SF716 SF726 SF736 SF746 SF756 SF766 SF776 SF786 SF796 SF806 SF816 SF826 SF836 SF846 SF856 SF866 SF876 SF886 SF896 SF906 SF916 SF926 SF936 SF946 SF956 SF966 SF976 SF986 SF996 SF001B SF01B SF02B SF03B SF04B SF05B SF06B SF07B SF08B SF09B SF10B SF11B SF12B SF13B SF14B SF15B SF16B SF17B SF18B SF19B SF20B SF21B SF22B SF23B SF24B SF25B SF26B SF27B SF28B SF29B SF30B SF31B SF32B SF33B SF34B SF35B SF36B SF37B SF38B SF39B SF40B SF41B SF42B SF43B SF44B SF45B SF46B SF47B SF48B SF49B SF50B SF51B SF52B SF53B SF54B SF55B SF56B SF57B SF58B SF59B SF60B SF61B SF62B SF63B SF64B SF65B SF66B SF67B SF68B SF69B SF70B SF71B SF72B SF73B SF74B SF75B SF76B SF77B SF78B SF79B SF80B SF81B SF82B SF83B SF84B SF85B SF86B SF87B SF88B SF89B SF90B SF91B SF92B SF93B SF94B SF95B SF96B SF97B SF98B SF99B SF001S SF01S SF02S SF03S SF04S SF05S SF06S SF07S SF08S SF09S SF10S SF11S SF12S SF13S SF14S SF15S SF16S SF17S SF18S SF19S SF20S SF21S SF22S SF23S SF24S SF25S SF26S SF27S SF28S SF29S SF30S SF31S SF32S SF33S SF34S SF35S SF36S SF37S SF38S SF39S SF40S SF41S SF42S SF43S SF44S SF45S SF46S SF47S SF48S SF49S SF50S SF51S SF52S SF53S SF54S SF55S SF56S SF57S SF58S SF59S SF60S SF61S SF62S SF63S SF64S SF65S SF66S SF67S SF68S SF69S SF70S SF71S SF72S SF73S SF74S SF75S SF76S SF77S SF78S SF79S SF80S SF81S SF82S SF83S SF84S SF85S SF86S SF87S SF88S SF89S SF90S SF91S SF92S SF93S SF94S SF95S SF96S SF97S SF98S SF99S SB001A SB01A SB02A SB03A SB04A SB05A SB06A SB07A SB08A SB09A SB10A SB11A SB12A SB13A SB14A SB15A SB16A SB17A SB18A SB19A SB20A SB21A SB22A SB23A SB24A SB25A SB26A SB27A SB28A SB29A SB30A SB31A SB32A SB33A SB34A SB35A SB36A SB37A SB38A SB39A SB40A SB41A SB42A SB43A SB44A SB45A SB46A SB47A SB48A SB49A SB50A SB51A SB52A SB53A SB54A SB55A SB56A SB57A SB58A SB59A SB60A SB61A SB62A SB63A SB64A SB65A SB66A SB67A SB68A SB69A SB70A SB71A SB72A SB73A SB74A SB75A SB76A SB77A SB78A SB79A SB80A SB81A SB82A SB83A SB84A SB85A SB86A SB87A SB88A SB89A SB90A SB91A SB92A SB93A SB94A SB95A SB96A SB97A SB98A SB99A SB0015 SB015 SB025 SB035 SB045 SB055 SB065 SB075 SB085 SB095 SB105 SB115 SB125 SB135 SB145 SB155 SB165 SB175 SB185 SB195 SB205 SB215 SB225 SB235 SB245 SB255 SB265 SB275 SB285 SB295 SB305 SB315 SB325 SB335 SB345 SB355 SB365 SB375 SB385 SB395 SB405 SB415 SB425 SB435 SB445 SB455 SB465 SB475 SB485 SB495 SB505 SB515 SB525 SB535 SB545 SB555 SB565 SB575 SB585 SB595 SB605 SB615 SB625 SB635 SB645 SB655 SB665 SB675 SB685 SB695 SB705 SB715 SB725 SB735 SB745 SB755 SB765 SB775 SB785 SB795 SB805 SB815 SB825 SB835 SB845 SB855 SB865 SB875 SB885 SB895 SB905 SB915 SB925 SB935 SB945 SB955 SB965 SB975 SB985 SB995 SB0016 SB016 SB026 SB036 SB046 SB056 SB066 SB076 SB086 SB096 SB106 SB116 SB126 SB136 SB146 SB156 SB166 SB176 SB186 SB196 SB206 SB216 SB226 SB236 SB246 SB256 SB266 SB276 SB286 SB296 SB306 SB316 SB326 SB336 SB346 SB356 SB366 SB376 SB386 SB396 SB406 SB416 SB426 SB436 SB446 SB456 SB466 SB476 SB486 SB496 SB506 SB516 SB526 SB536 SB546 SB556 SB566 SB576 SB586 SB596 SB606 SB616 SB626 SB636 SB646 SB656 SB666 SB676 SB686 SB696 SB706 SB716 SB726 SB736 SB746 SB756 SB766 SB776 SB786 SB796 SB806 SB816 SB826 SB836 SB846 SB856 SB866 SB876 SB886 SB896 SB906 SB916 SB926 SB936 SB946 SB956 SB966 SB976 SB986 SB996 SB001B SB01B SB02B SB03B SB04B SB05B SB06B SB07B SB08B SB09B SB10B SB11B SB12B SB13B SB14B SB15B SB16B SB17B SB18B SB19B SB20B SB21B SB22B SB23B SB24B SB25B SB26B SB27B SB28B SB29B SB30B SB31B SB32B SB33B SB34B SB35B SB36B SB37B SB38B SB39B SB40B SB41B SB42B SB43B SB44B SB45B SB46B SB47B SB48B SB49B SB50B SB51B SB52B SB53B SB54B SB55B SB56B SB57B SB58B SB59B SB60B SB61B SB62B SB63B SB64B SB65B SB66B SB67B SB68B SB69B SB70B SB71B SB72B SB73B SB74B SB75B SB76B SB77B SB78B SB79B SB80B SB81B SB82B SB83B SB84B SB85B SB86B SB87B SB88B SB89B SB90B SB91B SB92B SB93B SB94B SB95B SB96B SB97B SB98B SB99B SB001S SB01S SB02S SB03S SB04S SB05S SB06S SB07S SB08S SB09S SB10S SB11S SB12S SB13S SB14S SB15S SB16S SB17S SB18S SB19S SB20S SB21S SB22S SB23S SB24S SB25S SB26S SB27S SB28S SB29S SB30S SB31S SB32S SB33S SB34S SB35S SB36S SB37S SB38S SB39S SB40S SB41S SB42S SB43S SB44S SB45S SB46S SB47S SB48S SB49S SB50S SB51S SB52S SB53S SB54S SB55S SB56S SB57S SB58S SB59S SB60S SB61S SB62S SB63S SB64S SB65S SB66S SB67S SB68S SB69S SB70S SB71S SB72S SB73S SB74S SB75S SB76S SB77S SB78S SB79S SB80S SB81S SB82S SB83S SB84S SB85S SB86S SB87S SB88S SB89S SB90S SB91S SB92S SB93S SB94S SB95S SB96S SB97S SB98S SB99S DS001A DS01A DS02A DS03A DS04A DS05A DS06A DS07A DS08A DS09A DS10A DS11A DS12A DS13A DS14A DS15A DS16A DS17A DS18A DS19A DS20A DS21A DS22A DS23A DS24A DS25A DS26A DS27A DS28A DS29A DS30A DS31A DS32A DS33A DS34A DS35A DS36A DS37A DS38A DS39A DS40A DS41A DS42A DS43A DS44A DS45A DS46A DS47A DS48A DS49A DS50A DS51A DS52A DS53A DS54A DS55A DS56A DS57A DS58A DS59A DS60A DS61A DS62A DS63A DS64A DS65A DS66A DS67A DS68A DS69A DS70A DS71A DS72A DS73A DS74A DS75A DS76A DS77A DS78A DS79A DS80A DS81A DS82A DS83A DS84A DS85A DS86A DS87A DS88A DS89A DS90A DS91A DS92A DS93A DS94A DS95A DS96A DS97A DS98A DS99A DS0015 DS015 DS025 DS035 DS045 DS055 DS065 DS075 DS085 DS095 DS105 DS115 DS125 DS135 DS145 DS155 DS165 DS175 DS185 DS195 DS205 DS215 DS225 DS235 DS245 DS255 DS265 DS275 DS285 DS295 DS305 DS315 DS325 DS335 DS345 DS355 DS365 DS375 DS385 DS395 DS405 DS415 DS425 DS435 DS445 DS455 DS465 DS475 DS485 DS495 DS505 DS515 DS525 DS535 DS545 DS555 DS565 DS575 DS585 DS595 DS605 DS615 DS625 DS635 DS645 DS655 DS665 DS675 DS685 DS695 DS705 DS715 DS725 DS735 DS745 DS755 DS765 DS775 DS785 DS795 DS805 DS815 DS825 DS835 DS845 DS855 DS865 DS875 DS885 DS895 DS905 DS915 DS925 DS935 DS945 DS955 DS965 DS975 DS985 DS995 DS0016 DS016 DS026 DS036 DS046 DS056 DS066 DS076 DS086 DS096 DS106 DS116 DS126 DS136 DS146 DS156 DS166 DS176 DS186 DS196 DS206 DS216 DS226 DS236 DS246 DS256 DS266 DS276 DS286 DS296 DS306 DS316 DS326 DS336 DS346 DS356 DS366 DS376 DS386 DS396 DS406 DS416 DS426 DS436 DS446 DS456 DS466 DS476 DS486 DS496 DS506 DS516 DS526 DS536 DS546 DS556 DS566 DS576 DS586 DS596 DS606 DS616 DS626 DS636 DS646 DS656 DS666 DS676 DS686 DS696 DS706 DS716 DS726 DS736 DS746 DS756 DS766 DS776 DS786 DS796 DS806 DS816 DS826 DS836 DS846 DS856 DS866 DS876 DS886 DS896 DS906 DS916 DS926 DS936 DS946 DS956 DS966 DS976 DS986 DS996 DS001B DS01B DS02B DS03B DS04B DS05B DS06B DS07B DS08B DS09B DS10B DS11B DS12B DS13B DS14B DS15B DS16B DS17B DS18B DS19B DS20B DS21B DS22B DS23B DS24B DS25B DS26B DS27B DS28B DS29B DS30B DS31B DS32B DS33B DS34B DS35B DS36B DS37B DS38B DS39B DS40B DS41B DS42B DS43B DS44B DS45B DS46B DS47B DS48B DS49B DS50B DS51B DS52B DS53B DS54B DS55B DS56B DS57B DS58B DS59B DS60B DS61B DS62B DS63B DS64B DS65B DS66B DS67B DS68B DS69B DS70B DS71B DS72B DS73B DS74B DS75B DS76B DS77B DS78B DS79B DS80B DS81B DS82B DS83B DS84B DS85B DS86B DS87B DS88B DS89B DS90B DS91B DS92B DS93B DS94B DS95B DS96B DS97B DS98B DS99B DS001S DS01S DS02S DS03S DS04S DS05S DS06S DS07S DS08S DS09S DS10S DS11S DS12S DS13S DS14S DS15S DS16S DS17S DS18S DS19S DS20S DS21S DS22S DS23S DS24S DS25S DS26S DS27S DS28S DS29S DS30S DS31S DS32S DS33S DS34S DS35S DS36S DS37S DS38S DS39S DS40S DS41S DS42S DS43S DS44S DS45S DS46S DS47S DS48S DS49S DS50S DS51S DS52S DS53S DS54S DS55S DS56S DS57S DS58S DS59S DS60S DS61S DS62S DS63S DS64S DS65S DS66S DS67S DS68S DS69S DS70S DS71S DS72S DS73S DS74S DS75S DS76S DS77S DS78S DS79S DS80S DS81S DS82S DS83S DS84S DS85S DS86S DS87S DS88S DS89S DS90S DS91S DS92S DS93S DS94S DS95S DS96S DS97S DS98S DS99S DF001A DF01A DF02A DF03A DF04A DF05A DF06A DF07A DF08A DF09A DF10A DF11A DF12A DF13A DF14A DF15A DF16A DF17A DF18A DF19A DF20A DF21A DF22A DF23A DF24A DF25A DF26A DF27A DF28A DF29A DF30A DF31A DF32A DF33A DF34A DF35A DF36A DF37A DF38A DF39A DF40A DF41A DF42A DF43A DF44A DF45A DF46A DF47A DF48A DF49A DF50A DF51A DF52A DF53A DF54A DF55A DF56A DF57A DF58A DF59A DF60A DF61A DF62A DF63A DF64A DF65A DF66A DF67A DF68A DF69A DF70A DF71A DF72A DF73A DF74A DF75A DF76A DF77A DF78A DF79A DF80A DF81A DF82A DF83A DF84A DF85A DF86A DF87A DF88A DF89A DF90A DF91A DF92A DF93A DF94A DF95A DF96A DF97A DF98A DF99A DF0015 DF015 DF025 DF035 DF045 DF055 DF065 DF075 DF085 DF095 DF105 DF115 DF125 DF135 DF145 DF155 DF165 DF175 DF185 DF195 DF205 DF215 DF225 DF235 DF245 DF255 DF265 DF275 DF285 DF295 DF305 DF315 DF325 DF335 DF345 DF355 DF365 DF375 DF385 DF395 DF405 DF415 DF425 DF435 DF445 DF455 DF465 DF475 DF485 DF495 DF505 DF515 DF525 DF535 DF545 DF555 DF565 DF575 DF585 DF595 DF605 DF615 DF625 DF635 DF645 DF655 DF665 DF675 DF685 DF695 DF705 DF715 DF725 DF735 DF745 DF755 DF765 DF775 DF785 DF795 DF805 DF815 DF825 DF835 DF845 DF855 DF865 DF875 DF885 DF895 DF905 DF915 DF925 DF935 DF945 DF955 DF965 DF975 DF985 DF995 DF0016 DF016 DF026 DF036 DF046 DF056 DF066 DF076 DF086 DF096 DF106 DF116 DF126 DF136 DF146 DF156 DF166 DF176 DF186 DF196 DF206 DF216 DF226 DF236 DF246 DF256 DF266 DF276 DF286 DF296 DF306 DF316 DF326 DF336 DF346 DF356 DF366 DF376 DF386 DF396 DF406 DF416 DF426 DF436 DF446 DF456 DF466 DF476 DF486 DF496 DF506 DF516 DF526 DF536 DF546 DF556 DF566 DF576 DF586 DF596 DF606 DF616 DF626 DF636 DF646 DF656 DF666 DF676 DF686 DF696 DF706 DF716 DF726 DF736 DF746 DF756 DF766 DF776 DF786 DF796 DF806 DF816 DF826 DF836 DF846 DF856 DF866 DF876 DF886 DF896 DF906 DF916 DF926 DF936 DF946 DF956 DF966 DF976 DF986 DF996 DF001B DF01B DF02B DF03B DF04B DF05B DF06B DF07B DF08B DF09B DF10B DF11B DF12B DF13B DF14B DF15B DF16B DF17B DF18B DF19B DF20B DF21B DF22B DF23B DF24B DF25B DF26B DF27B DF28B DF29B DF30B DF31B DF32B DF33B DF34B DF35B DF36B DF37B DF38B DF39B DF40B DF41B DF42B DF43B DF44B DF45B DF46B DF47B DF48B DF49B DF50B DF51B DF52B DF53B DF54B DF55B DF56B DF57B DF58B DF59B DF60B DF61B DF62B DF63B DF64B DF65B DF66B DF67B DF68B DF69B DF70B DF71B DF72B DF73B DF74B DF75B DF76B DF77B DF78B DF79B DF80B DF81B DF82B DF83B DF84B DF85B DF86B DF87B DF88B DF89B DF90B DF91B DF92B DF93B DF94B DF95B DF96B DF97B DF98B DF99B DF001S DF01S DF02S DF03S DF04S DF05S DF06S DF07S DF08S DF09S DF10S DF11S DF12S DF13S DF14S DF15S DF16S DF17S DF18S DF19S DF20S DF21S DF22S DF23S DF24S DF25S DF26S DF27S DF28S DF29S DF30S DF31S DF32S DF33S DF34S DF35S DF36S DF37S DF38S DF39S DF40S DF41S DF42S DF43S DF44S DF45S DF46S DF47S DF48S DF49S DF50S DF51S DF52S DF53S DF54S DF55S DF56S DF57S DF58S DF59S DF60S DF61S DF62S DF63S DF64S DF65S DF66S DF67S DF68S DF69S DF70S DF71S DF72S DF73S DF74S DF75S DF76S DF77S DF78S DF79S DF80S DF81S DF82S DF83S DF84S DF85S DF86S DF87S DF88S DF89S DF90S DF91S DF92S DF93S DF94S DF95S DF96S DF97S DF98S DF99S DB001A DB01A DB02A DB03A DB04A DB05A DB06A DB07A DB08A DB09A DB10A DB11A DB12A DB13A DB14A DB15A DB16A DB17A DB18A DB19A DB20A DB21A DB22A DB23A DB24A DB25A DB26A DB27A DB28A DB29A DB30A DB31A DB32A DB33A DB34A DB35A DB36A DB37A DB38A DB39A DB40A DB41A DB42A DB43A DB44A DB45A DB46A DB47A DB48A DB49A DB50A DB51A DB52A DB53A DB54A DB55A DB56A DB57A DB58A DB59A DB60A DB61A DB62A DB63A DB64A DB65A DB66A DB67A DB68A DB69A DB70A DB71A DB72A DB73A DB74A DB75A DB76A DB77A DB78A DB79A DB80A DB81A DB82A DB83A DB84A DB85A DB86A DB87A DB88A DB89A DB90A DB91A DB92A DB93A DB94A DB95A DB96A DB97A DB98A DB99A DB0015 DB015 DB025 DB035 DB045 DB055 DB065 DB075 DB085 DB095 DB105 DB115 DB125 DB135 DB145 DB155 DB165 DB175 DB185 DB195 DB205 DB215 DB225 DB235 DB245 DB255 DB265 DB275 DB285 DB295 DB305 DB315 DB325 DB335 DB345 DB355 DB365 DB375 DB385 DB395 DB405 DB415 DB425 DB435 DB445 DB455 DB465 DB475 DB485 DB495 DB505 DB515 DB525 DB535 DB545 DB555 DB565 DB575 DB585 DB595 DB605 DB615 DB625 DB635 DB645 DB655 DB665 DB675 DB685 DB695 DB705 DB715 DB725 DB735 DB745 DB755 DB765 DB775 DB785 DB795 DB805 DB815 DB825 DB835 DB845 DB855 DB865 DB875 DB885 DB895 DB905 DB915 DB925 DB935 DB945 DB955 DB965 DB975 DB985 DB995 DB0016 DB016 DB026 DB036 DB046 DB056 DB066 DB076 DB086 DB096 DB106 DB116 DB126 DB136 DB146 DB156 DB166 DB176 DB186 DB196 DB206 DB216 DB226 DB236 DB246 DB256 DB266 DB276 DB286 DB296 DB306 DB316 DB326 DB336 DB346 DB356 DB366 DB376 DB386 DB396 DB406 DB416 DB426 DB436 DB446 DB456 DB466 DB476 DB486 DB496 DB506 DB516 DB526 DB536 DB546 DB556 DB566 DB576 DB586 DB596 DB606 DB616 DB626 DB636 DB646 DB656 DB666 DB676 DB686 DB696 DB706 DB716 DB726 DB736 DB746 DB756 DB766 DB776 DB786 DB796 DB806 DB816 DB826 DB836 DB846 DB856 DB866 DB876 DB886 DB896 DB906 DB916 DB926 DB936 DB946 DB956 DB966 DB976 DB986 DB996 DB001B DB01B DB02B DB03B DB04B DB05B DB06B DB07B DB08B DB09B DB10B DB11B DB12B DB13B DB14B DB15B DB16B DB17B DB18B DB19B DB20B DB21B DB22B DB23B DB24B DB25B DB26B DB27B DB28B DB29B DB30B DB31B DB32B DB33B DB34B DB35B DB36B DB37B DB38B DB39B DB40B DB41B DB42B DB43B DB44B DB45B DB46B DB47B DB48B DB49B DB50B DB51B DB52B DB53B DB54B DB55B DB56B DB57B DB58B DB59B DB60B DB61B DB62B DB63B DB64B DB65B DB66B DB67B DB68B DB69B DB70B DB71B DB72B DB73B DB74B DB75B DB76B DB77B DB78B DB79B DB80B DB81B DB82B DB83B DB84B DB85B DB86B DB87B DB88B DB89B DB90B DB91B DB92B DB93B DB94B DB95B DB96B DB97B DB98B DB99B DB001S DB01S DB02S DB03S DB04S DB05S DB06S DB07S DB08S DB09S DB10S DB11S DB12S DB13S DB14S DB15S DB16S DB17S DB18S DB19S DB20S DB21S DB22S DB23S DB24S DB25S DB26S DB27S DB28S DB29S DB30S DB31S DB32S DB33S DB34S DB35S DB36S DB37S DB38S DB39S DB40S DB41S DB42S DB43S DB44S DB45S DB46S DB47S DB48S DB49S DB50S DB51S DB52S DB53S DB54S DB55S DB56S DB57S DB58S DB59S DB60S DB61S DB62S DB63S DB64S DB65S DB66S DB67S DB68S DB69S DB70S DB71S DB72S DB73S DB74S DB75S DB76S DB77S DB78S DB79S DB80S DB81S DB82S DB83S DB84S DB85S DB86S DB87S DB88S DB89S DB90S DB91S DB92S DB93S DB94S DB95S DB96S DB97S DB98S DB99S
Center Wavelength 1480nm
Peak Isolation 40 (Single Stage), 55 (Dual Stage)
Isolation (23degree) >=28 (Single Stage), >=45 (Dual Stage)
Excess Loss <=0.9dB (Single Stage), <=1.0dB (Dual Stage)
Tap Ratio 0.1%, 1+/-0.6%, 2+/-0.8%, 5+/-1.0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%
Work Mode S Type: Tap Input Light before Isolator, Can only work in Slow Axis
F Type: Tap Input Light before Isolator, work in Slow & Fast Axis
B Type: Tap Input Light after Isolator, Can only work in slow axis
Return Loss >=50dB
Extinction Ratio >=18dB
Fiber Type PM1310 Fiber or 10/125um PMDC Fiber
12/130um PMDC Fiber or 20/130um PMDC Fiber
25/250um PMDC Fiber or 25/300um PMDC Fiber
Max. Optical Power (CW) 300mW
Operating Temperature 0~70degreeC
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