Haphit provides a wide range of fiber optics and photonics products. With the integration various products and technologies, Haphit provides photonics integration solutions that combine products from various categories into a new products, to meet customer special requirements on their products.

Hybrid Device is a device to combine two or more device with different function into one combo device. It will provide the original functions while feature more compact package size and is more cost effective. Now Haphit provide many types of hybrid devices, such as, WDM/Isolator Hybrid, WDM/Isolator/Tap Hybrid, WDM/Tap Hybrid, WDM/Partial Mirror Hybrid, Isolator, Tap Hybrid, Bandpass Filter/Isolator Hybrid, PM Bandpass Filter/Tap Hybrid, Bandpass Filter/Partial Mirror Hybrid, PBC-PBS/Isolator Hybrid, etc. The Hybrid device can also be available for high optical power and pulse optical power with singlemode or Polarization maintaining fiber and large mode area (LMA) fibers to meet customer's different applications. Customized Hybrid device is also available per customer's requirements.

Dynamic Optical Components or Customer Designed sub-system Modules, which will also integrate different products and technologies into one module or sub-system that is right fit customer's system. Haphit can provide the good solutions and high quality products to our customer from experienced R&D team and various products and technologies, and the vast capacity to integrate them together.

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  • SPIE-The International Society for Optics and Photonics       OSA-The Optical Society


  • EPIC-European Photonics Industry Consortium       EOS-European Optical Society

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